• Visistors said
    • Nóra Kovácsuniversity studentDebrecenI look forward to visiting Language Parade every year. I'm always provided useful information on the latest improvements and I can find a lot to study.

    • Barbara Bernáthlanguage learnerBudapestI've managed to spend a wonderful, useful month in Australia. I found the company that made it possible for me at Language Parade last year.

    • András TóthfatherBudapestI visit Language Parade every year - this time together with my children. While my wife and I browse the offers, our children are provided fun programmes.

    • Beáta VargastudentPécsMy registration won me a pile of books helping me prepare for the language exam. It's just one reason why it's been worth visiting the show.

Tips to get the most out of your visit


Set your goals: make a list containing why you are visiting (to find a language school or an exam centre, to find special materials to learn a language, to work and study abroad, to attend a training but not sure which one, to find help with your CV, etc).

Plan your visit. The website will help you to make a list of the exhibitors and seminars or classes you definitely want to visit. You can even plan the route to follow so as not to miss anything you consider important or exciting.

Find a partner with the same interests to visit with. This way you can discuss the offers right there on the spot or divide the programmes so as not to miss anything.

Take a pen and some paper to make notes about your experience - it will be very useful when summerizing what you have seen and heard.

It can be tiring to go through every inch of the fair. Don't forget to put on your most comfortable shoes!


Follow your plan! Visit the exhibitors according to your interest, but don't miss the outstanding offers along your way!

Schedule your programme around the seminars. They are only held at set times, while the exhibitors are always there waiting to serve you.

When talking to the exhibitors do not hesitate to ask all of your questions. Insist on proper answers, don't be satisfied with general information. If you are not given all the information you need, you will know they are not the ones to give your business to.

Ask about the special show offers! Take advantage of the event and save as much as you can.

Take notes about all the information you get to make the final decision easier. Collect the brochures of the exhibitors so you can reach them later. (Collect only the brochures you really need. Protect the environment! :))

When you get tired take a break. Get refreshed so you can absorb new information.


Before you decide where to spend your money go through your notes and the brochures you have collected. If you need further information, call or e-mail the exhibitors. It might seem a long process but you will definitely make a good decision.

Sign up for the mailing list of the exhibitors you are interested in. Give priority to the ones who get in touch with you in one or two weeks.