• Exhibitors said
    • Martin SlocockFluency School of Englishmanaging directorA lot of people have been interested in our new method: teaching grammar and vocabulary through speaking, so we are very happy.

    • Nóra Szalaiowner5perc AngolWe have managed to find new readers for our magazine, so we hope to get even more subscribers in the future.

    • Zoltán RozgonyidirectorEuro Exam We've met a lot of visitors interested in English and German language exams. Our mock exams have been very popular. The fair has been a great success for us. We'll be here next year as well.

    • Edina Kötélmanaging directorStudy TimeLanguage Parade is the best place to make language studies abroad popular. We've had a great number of visitors. We'll definitely come back next year.

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Our company is represented at the Language Parade every year. It is always a good experience since we meet both language learners and teachers. ... Our aim is to make everyone know our books. Making immediate income by selling them is like icing on the cake.

 Mariann György, representative - Cambridge University Press


We have visitors who do want to learn languages and not just browsers who are only interested in the cultural prorammes. The campaign reached the actual target audience.

András Salusinszky , director - Studio Italia


We have come here to present our chidren's program and to make more and more adults and children know about Kids Club. Here we can meet people who do want to know the best methods in language teaching. A lot of them are interested in early year childhood language learning. The fair is really good, there are always a lot of visitors.

Márta Jamrik , managing director - Fun Languages Hungary


We publish course books in six languages, so this is the place where we can meet our target audience. We are glad to see that in the current economic circustances learning languages is still very important. People have discovered it's really worth learning languages.

Erika Gyapjas, sales manager - Klett Publishing


Our audience are young, German speaking job seekers. At the Language Parade we made contact with a lot of them.

Iulia Oprea, director - Tyrol Job Agency


The beginning of September is especially important for us because this is the time when the autumn term starts in the public as well as the private schools. Our target groups are language learners and ESL teachers. We had a great number of enquiries.

Petra Vanik, sales manager - Oxford University Press


The visitors of the Language Parade are people who really want to learn languages or take language exams. The location is good, being in the centre  - it is easy to reach. Millenaris has a good atmosphere, so both visitors and exhibitors like it. 

Zita Gergely, projects and partnership manager - British Council


A lot of people have been very interested in our new method about teaching grammar and vocabulary through speaking. We've got lots of interest in our new school, so we are very happy.

Martin Slocock - Fluency School of English